Handbells: Carillon Ringers - High School

Rehearsal Time ~ Sunday 3:00 - 4:45 p.m.

Our high school age youth ring a variety of traditional and contemporary tunes.  Fellowship and having fun are our main requirements.   In addition to leading worship, we enjoy many outreach events, including playing for other churches and shelters in the Greater Kansas City Area and attending local handbell festivals.

Our focus every June is our Outreach Tour.  We team up with the Youth Orchestra and travel on a week-long tour, reaching out to churches, communities, homeless shelters, Veterans Homes, and nursing homes along our route.  For tour 2015 we traveled to Chicago and Cedar Rapids where we worked and performed in homeless shelters, children's homes, a homeless respite care home, and an urban farm along our route.  Tour 2016 will be taking us to ??!! for a great week of fun and service!

Join us for a fantastic year of fellowship and ringing. 

Call or e-mail Gwen with your questions!

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