Tornado and Storm Response

Things to consider when a natural disaster strikes

Unless you are Early Response trained and part of a Reach & Restore team, please do not go now- if you want to help, when you do go, make sure you are with an affiliated group such as Reach & Restore, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, or some other disaster response organization. Unaffiliated volunteers arriving in a disaster area become a hindrance to coordinated disaster response efforts and take resources away from those who need them the most.

How you can help now

  • Stay where you are and pray for the survivors and all of the early responders currently supporting the affected communities
  • Donate to tornado and flood relief and reconstruction by using the online giving buttons on the right side of this page
  • Prepare to serve by taking one of our disaster response trainings


Cash donations are the best way to ensure that your gift is helpful to the community and individuals in need, and is valuable in ensuring that immediate needs can be met.

Clothing and supply drives are not recommended as they create additional costs for transportation and take attention away from first responders to coordinate delivery and manage storage resources to house the donations.

Visit the Reach & Restore page to view trainings offered and trips scheduled to assist communities recovering from disasters.

Call to Prayer As pictures and stories of devastation leave us speechless and stunned, and as we discern what we might do to help those affected by the tornado and storms in the Midwest, let's first humbly offer ourselves in prayer:

“Oh Gracious God, we come to you aware of our fragile state as we live on this magnificent earth. Lord, we are seeing and hearing stories of people who are hurting in the Heartland. Be with individuals and families as they face unique situations. Help us to rise up as a nation of people to be and do the very best that we can for each other. You know the needs, God, and we ask that you help us to prioritize and respond as a nation, a community and a church that we might give our best, as well as teach our children and pass along a legacy of amazing love and resiliency. We pray all this in the name of our resurrected Lord, Jesus the Christ, Amen.”

For more information about Resurrection's Disaster Response Ministry please contact Stewart Curtright, Mission Entry Points Program Director. or 913-544-0710.

UMCOR Disaster Relief

  • Help with other national/international disasters through the United Methodist Committee on Relief - Visit the UMCOR Website for information on how you can respond to the latest storms.