The training event should be scheduled for a day and a half.

An outline of the talk is available to copy for each participant to use for notetaking. It is recommended that Resurrection Resources and books also be available throughout the training. A resource table can be coordinated through your local Cokesbury store or through the Church of the Resurrection’s bookstore, The Well.

The honorarium for this event is $1500 plus expenses which will include airline tickets, overnight lodging and meals for a two-three member speaking team.

Technical Requirements:
Professional audio-video support is required as this presentations are heavily video dependent. This will include high quality video projection of a size that is appropriate for the size of the room, plus preview monitors for those persons running the system.

Limited Availability:
Our team is available for only 6-8 events per year. If you are interested in holding one of these events in your District, please email Debi Nixon, Managing Executive Director at, or call 913-544-0709. These events will be booked on a first-come basis.