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All About rezlife

The purpose of rezlife student ministries is the same as the mission, vision and journey of our church, with a special emphasis on ministering to students in fun environments specifically designed for 6th-12th grade students.

Our Mission - To build a Christian community where non-religious and nominally religious students and their families are becoming deeply committed Christians
Our Vision - Change lives, Transforming Communities, and Renewing the Church
Our Journey - Knowing God, Loving God, Serving God

Rezlife desires to be a welcoming community for all student no matter where they are on their faith journey. Students will find a place to worship God, a community of students and adult leaders and a place to grow in faith. Through weekly large group programs, confirmation, Group Life small groups, weekend retreats, music groups, service opportunities, mission trips and so much more, rezlife strives to offer a pathway for students to be transformed by God. It is our hope to equip your student and family to continue the journey together of becoming deeply committed Christians.

Rezlife is committed to finding a place of belonging for every student. Weekly large group events like youth group and Sunday School don’t require registration, students are welcome to show up any week and will be welcomed! We also welcome parent contact prior to a student’s first visit to find the ministry program that might be the best fit for each student. We want to come beside your family on your faith journey.


Following is a list of many of many of the primary entry points for students to get connected. For additional options or more information on any of these offerings please continue to explore the website under specific rezlife ministry headings (the left side of the rezlife home page).

Sunday School: 9-10:15 am, Student Center (Building C)
Each Sunday morning begins with hang-time and donuts and drinks for sale in the café. We gather for a time of praise and worship, followed by a short teaching Bible-based message and announcements. Students then head to classrooms for small group time. During small group time, 6th-8th grade students are split up by grade and gender and high school students are divided by grade.

Wednesday Night Middle School Youth Group: 6th, 7th, 8th grades: 6:15-8 pm, Student Center (Building C)
Come on out for rezlife's weekly gathering of high energy, high impact student-led praise and worship, creative messages relevant to students, a concession café, hang-time with friends and many entertainment options in the Student Center (video games, the boulder wall, basketball and more). In addition rezlife offers large and small group time where students learn each week what it means to follow Jesus.

Sunday Night High School Rez: 9th - 12th grades: 5-6:15 pm, Student Center (Building C)
Come hang out with other high school students for a time of fun and faith. Throughout the school year students will be offered message series from our high school minister as well as other members of the rezlife staff, student-led worship bands, small group time and opportunities to serve the community or share in meals together. Youth group with a twist!

Group Life (Small Groups):
6th, 7th, 8th grades: Included as part of Wednesday Night Youth Group
High School: various times, days and places

Ready to take the next step in growing your faith? Small groups are a great way to get to know and connect with a smaller group of students, to connect with trained rezlife volunteer small group leaders and to be involved in Bible study and topical discussions relative to everyday life and issues. Many small groups also participate in occasional social outings and service opportunities.
Groups do not require registration. Check with Jeff Milton if you need help getting connected with a small group.

Confirmation (8th-12th grade students):
Sundays, 10:30 am - 12:15 pm (pre-registration required)

Confirmation is a time where students are given the opportunity to grow in faith together and ultimately confirm their own faith before God and their church community. Resurrection offers one session of confirmation each school year, running from early fall through mid-spring. Registration is required (registration for 2015-16 confirmation session is now closed).

MAC Track (Ministry as a Career):
Meets the first Sunday of each Month during the school-year.
Ministry as a Career Track, or MAC Track, is a program designed to provide avenues for students who have expressed an interest or possible calling to explore vocational ministry, ordained and lay ministry, as a career option. MAC Track is committed to providing support, encouragement, resources and options to these students as they explore their calling. We are committed to excellence in offering students a realistic view of ministry, developing leadership through experiential learning and providing an authentic Christian community where students with similar goals are whole-heartedly seeking to discern God's direction for their lives.

Thursday Morning High School Bible Study (During the School Year):
7:45-8:30 am, Winstead’s
We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Starting your day by digging into God's word is just as important! Come and hang out with Dave MaGee, Director of Student ministries, bright and early on Thursdays for breakfast and Bible study! Bring your Bible and your friends!
Winsteads: 135th and Briar (Directly north of Church of the Resurrection)

Thursday Afternoon Middle School Hang Time (During the School Year):
4-5 pm
"Time With Taylor" is a small group opportunity for 7th and 8th grade students during the school year to connect with one another and get to know Taylor Ogden Thomas, Middle School Minister. Students meet for a snack at Winsteads every week during the school year and enjoy fellowship and some fun games.
Winsteads: 135th and Briar (Directly north of Church of the Resurrection)

Rezlife during the Summer

Weekly rezlife 9 am Sunday School continues to meet, but most other weekly programs take a break as we focus on special big event opportunities like middle school summer camp and middle and high school mission trips. Several Wednesdays during the summer will feature special events such as roller skating, water parks and fun service opportunities. Additional small group gatherings such as Bible studies for middle school and high school, and outdoor events like kickball and ultimate Frisbee are also offered.

Students leading worship with music
Games on stage
Paint Night with Leawood Fire Department
Student Center Hang Time
Balloon Bonanza
Jamaica Mission Trip
Denver Mission Trip
Upcoming events
Christmas Potluck
Time: 6:15pm
Movie Night
Time: 6:15pm
Totally Tubular
Time: 1:00pm
2016 Summer Camp Youth Front West
Time: 1:00pm


rezlife weekly calendar of events:

Sunday, November 22

  • Sunday School, 6-12 grade: 9-10:15am, Student Center
  • Vibe-Worship Service: 10:30am-noon, Student Center
  • Rez High School , 9-12 grade: 5-6:15pm, Student Center 

Monday, November 23

  • Lattes & Life Chats, 9-12 grade: 3:30-4:30 pm, Starbucks, 135th & Briar

Wednesday, November 25

  • NO 6/7/8 Grade Youth Group: Thanksgiving Break

Thursday, November 26

  • NO Breakfast & Bible Study, 9-12 grade: Happy thanksgiving
  • NO Time with Taylor, 6-8 grade: Happy Thanksgiving

+-Contact us


Director of Student Ministries - Dave MaGee
Associate Director of Student Ministries - Julie Peters
Middle School Minister - Taylor Ogden Thomas
High School Minister - Jeff Milton
Assistant Youth Minister - Andy Guarini
Confirmation Coordinator - Teri Chalker
Event Planning & Volunteers - Deborah Comstock
Coordinating Assistant - Cindy Weston
Administrative Assistant - Darci Iandolo
Student Intern - Nick Kaufmann
Worship Leader - Cory Ryan
Assistant Worship Leader - Eric Hintermaier
Youth Music Program Director - Joyce Blakesley
Youth Orchestra Program Director - Kirk Ketcham
Handbells Program Director - Gwen Gepford
Fanfare Ringers - Lin Sanford
Associate Audio Engineer - Jordan Tracy
Producer - Micah Jacobsen

+-Middle School

Middle School in Rezlife Student Ministries is for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  We offer a variety of large group and small group activities along with special events specific for this age group.

Learn more about middle school programming.

+-High School

Rez High School offers both large group and small group experiences for 9th-12th grade students,including fellowship and service opportunities, retreats, and mission trips. 

Learn more about high school programming.

+-Sunday School

6th-12th Grade Sunday School
Student Center (Leawood Building C)
Sundays, 9:00-10:15am (doors open at 8:50am)

Click here for more information specific to our Sunday School programming.


Confirmation is the time when a personal decision is made to confirm the vows of our baptism. At The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, this happens as a group of students join together to explore who Christ is, what it means to know Him through a life-long relationship, and how we follow Him as United Methodists. 

Click here for more information specific to our Confirmation program.

+-Ministry as a Career

MAC Track offers students 6th - 12th grade opportunities to explore Ministry as a Career.

Click here for more information specific to our MAC Track Program.

+-Group Life (Small Groups)

Small groups are a great way to get to know and connect with other students, to connect with trained rezlife volunteer small group leaders, and to be involved in Bible study and topical discussions relative to everyday life and issues.  

Click here for more information specific to our Rezlife Small Groups.

+-Events, Retreats, & Missions

Rezlife Student Ministries offers special events, overnight retreats, domestic mission trips, and international mission trips - each targeted to appropriate age groupings, for 6th through 12th grade students.

AT-A-GLANCE VIEW of Upcoming Events, Retreats, & Missions 

(Select the CALENDAR Tab on the left side of this page for details and registration information.)


Event Description

Eligible Grades


Jan 16 – Jan 17

Totally Tubular –

Group 1

6th & 7th

Now Open

Jan 17 – Jan 18

Totally Tubular –

Group 2

6th & 7th

Now Open

Jan 30 – Jan 31

One Event

MAC Track Students

Now Open

Feb 12 – Feb 14

Totally Tubular: Serve N Sled

8th & 9th

Opens Dec 10

Mar 10 – Mar 14

St Louis Mission Trip

9th – 12th

Opens Jan 1

Apr 1 - Apr 4

Young Christians Weekend

6th, 7th, 8th

Opens Feb 1

April 2, 2016

HS Serve Day - Jerusalem Farm

9th - 12th

Opens Mar 1

April 15, 2016

Purity Night

6th – 12th grade Students & Parents

Opens Feb 15

Apr 22 - Apr 24

MAC Track Spring Retreat

6th - 12th

to be announced

May 13, 2016

Middle School Event

6th, 7th, 8th

Opens Apr 1

Jun 6 - Jun 10

Omaha Mission Trip

8th (Fall 2016)

Opens Jan 1

Jun 12 - Jun 18

Dallas Mission Trip

9th - 12th (Fall 2016 & 2016 Graduates)

Opens Jan 1

Jun 20 - Jun 25

Youthfront West

Summer Camp

7th & 8th (Fall 2016)

Now Open

Jun 25 - Jun 30

Nashville Mission Trip

9th - 12th (Fall 2016 & 2016 Graduates)

Opens Jan 1

Jul 9 - Jul 17

Jamaica International

Mission Trip

10th - 12th (Fall 2016 & 2016 Graduates)

Applications Online

Jul 9 - Jul 14

Chicago Mission Trip

9th - 12th (Fall 2016 & 2016 Graduates)

Opens Jan 1

Jul 20 - Jul 24

Surge KC Mission Trip

7th & 8th (Fall 2016)

Opens Jan 1

Jul 24 - Jul 31

Honduras International

Mission Trip

10th - 12th (Fall 2016 & 2016 Graduates)

Applications Online

Jul 24 - Jul 29

Denver Mission Trip

9th - 12th (Fall 2016 & 2016 Graduates)

Opens Jan 1

+-Parent Info

Grow Night, coming January 26 and February 2: Help! I'm a Mom of a Teenage Girl!  Stay tuned for more information to come.

+-Scholarship Form

Here at rezlife Student Ministries we want all students to have the opportunity to grow deeper in their faith.  Scholarships are available for our camps, mission trips, confirmation, MACTrack and retreats that are primarily spiritual or service oriented focused. Our scholarship form is used to assist the student ministry staff in the process of allocating the funds.  All information that you give on this form will be treated with strict confidence. Download and complete the form. You can return the form by mail, drop it off at the rezlife office or give directly to one of the student ministry staff members.  Once the form has been reviewed, a staff member will contact you.  In the meantime, go ahead and get your student registered so you can secure their spot.

If you have any questions, please contact the rezlife Student Ministry office at 913.544.0262 or

+-Safe Gatherings

Online Abuse Prevention Training
The Church of the Resurrection in its Policy for the Protection of Minors and Developmentally Disabled Adults vows to take seriously the importance of providing a safe environment where all people can participate freely and safely in the life of the church and intend to maintain a sanctuary or "safe place" for all to grow in faith and maturity.

If you wish to volunteer in KiDS COR, rezlife, Matthew's Ministry, Youth Music, International or Domestic Missions, you will be required to become certified by the Safe Gatherings program to serve in that ministry.

You will have 30 days to complete the training process for certification. Training may be completed anytime, anywhere using the online system. You may complete the training modules at your own pace and request reference letters electronically.  The training takes about 1 ½ hours to complete from start to finish.  You will need to create a user name and password to get started.

Here are some helpful hints for entering your information.

·         Application Type – select Applying for Certification for first time

·         Height & Weight – give your best guess

·         Occupation – type in student or if you’re an adult type in your actual occupation

·         List all previous church work involving children / youth – this is a required field so you can type in NONE or if you’ve volunteered in the church nursery or a related type of volunteer work list that as well


Before you get started you will need to have a couple of things ready ahead of time. This section will ask you for two references that you have known for at least 2 years.

The first is a United Methodist Pastor – If you do not personally know one of the pastors here at Church of the Resurrection, you may use someone from the church staff who you've personally known for two years, or another United Methodist pastor.               

Our main number here in student ministries is 913 544 0262, and rezlife staff email addresses can be found here on our church web site.

The second reference is someone over 18 that has known you for 2 or more years.  You will need their email and phone number with area code. (to help speed up the process you will want to let the individuals know that you’ve put them down as a reference and to expect an email)

Background Checks 

Download the background check form, complete the information and mail the form to: (no payment required)

Ms. Kathie Monroe

Kansas United Methodist Conference

9440 E Boston, Suite 110

Wichita, KS 67207

Once you have completed the course and your references have responded you will be sent an email stating that you have completed the training. Your email will have a certification expiration date.  Please send a copy of this email to, so we can update the church data base. Your certification is valid for 4 years from the time you complete the course.

To access information about Safe Gatherings, please go to

In order to be an adult volunteer with rezlife, you will need to be certified in Safe Gatherings (formerly Safe and Sacred). This new program is completely online and is good for 4 years.

+-Subscribe to Weekly email

We send emails each Tuesday with information about upcoming events in Student Ministries.

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