Small Group Leadership

Are you a leader or member of an existing Resurrection Small Group? If so, this page is for you!

This page has been established as a resource page for Resurrection’s Small Groups. Its contents are designed to help leaders and groups develop their heart for God and minister to each other. Feedback on this site is always welcome! Please click here to email your suggestions.

Leader Resources

Recommended Curriculum Tool

We know selecting curriculum for your group is not always easy.  To assist you, we have reviewed studies and put them into categories under Knowing God, Loving God or Serving God, listed how many weeks the study lasts, if a DVD is available to rent (rentals available only to Resurrection leaders) and made suggestions to the level of the study (advanced, intermediate or entry level).  You can access a printable version of our curriculum catalog by clicking here.  If you would like to rent a DVD at the cost of $1 per week contact Lee Harizanoff at

Disciple Bible Study Notes

Below is a list of teacher helps to accompany Disciple Bible Study.

Shirley Yarick's Disciple Notes

Brad Hanna's Disciple 1 Notes

These notes tend to focus on educating participants on more background information and points to passages that most people miss when reading the Bible for the first time. Disciple 1 Notes

Rob Smith's Disciple 1 Notes

Succinct, decidedly informal notes intended as a meeting leadership tool.  Weekly sequences of prioritized discussion topics, questions and issues for the group.  There is structural diversity using a combination of workbook material, scripture reading assignments and life applications.  Occasional side explorations of related historical or geographic matters. Discussion topics and approaches vary from week to week, for a refreshing mix of approaches. 

Disciple 1 Notes

Leader Toolkit

Recommended Study Bibles

Please use one of the following for your Small Group study: Common English Study Bible, NRSV New Interpreter’s Study Bible, the TNIV Study Bible, the NIV Life Application Study Bible, or the Harper-Collins NRSV Study Bible.


Key Information

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Small Group "Best Practices"

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