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February 14, 2016 to March 20, 2016
Fifty years after Jesus died, one of his closest companions wrote an account of Jesus’ life. This is the Gospel of John. John, which has historically been described as “the spiritual Gospel” doesn’t just tell us what Jesus said and did, he reveals why Jesus matters. During the season of Lent, join us as we read and study the Gospel of John together. Each week our sermons will be from John, and we’ll have opportunities for all ages to study the book together. View our Holy Week activities View the Gospel of John: A Lenten Study

Transforming the Heart of the City

February 14, 2016 to March 6, 2016
For the past six years we have experienced God’s amazing grace at RezDowntown and this is just the beginning. We believe our best years are ahead of us! We are asking you to join us on this incredible adventure of changing lives, transforming the heart of the city and renewing the church.

Series Overview

January 10, 2016 to February 7, 2016
Once more, Americans are bracing themselves for a year of polarized politics in which candidates sling mud at their opponents. Complex moral and political issues are addressed in thirty-second soundbytes offering polar opposite solutions. Incendiary e-mails containing partial truths will be forwarded by the millions. And friends and family will find that their relationships are threatened by politics. We believe that it is possible that Jesus’ teaching may hold the key to a better way. Join us for a five-week series of messages in which we’ll look at some of the issues that divide us as a...


January 3, 2016

The Visit of the Magi

December 24, 2015
At a time when stories of hate, violence and despair fill the news, we celebrate the promise of Christmas, a promise that love and light and life have overcome the darkness. Candlelight Christmas Eve at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection.

Series Overview

November 28, 2015 to January 3, 2016
“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” The Christmas season is a time filled with promise. But what is the promise of Christmas? If we’re not clear about what Christmas really promises, we might just miss out on what makes it the most wonderful time of the year. Join us as we take a five-week journey this Advent back to Bethlehem and recall the promises that were made by the prophets, the angels, the wise men and shepherds, and how their fulfillment is still what makes this “the most wonderful time of the year.” Each week you’ll enjoy the music of Christmas, the lighting of the Advent...

Series Overview

November 7, 2015 to November 22, 2015
Your money or your life? This threat, long associated with television hold-ups, captures a truth about the dangers of overspending, spending foolishly or even hoarding money. Over the next three weeks, we’ll look at how the decisions we make about money can give us freedom and independence rather than stress and conflict. Join us as we look to the Bible and financial experts to help us develop a healthy relationship with money that will enhance our lives.

Series Overview

October 10, 2015 to October 25, 2015

Three Most Important Words in the Church

October 4, 2015

Series Overview

August 16, 2015 to September 20, 2015
We’re all searching... Sometimes the search is easy — simply type the question and the answer pops up. But, sometimes, our questions are complicated and the answers are difficult to see and even harder to articulate. In this series of messages, The Church of the Resurrection is exploring the essential beliefs of the Christian faith and why these beliefs matter. We’ll peel away the unnecessary, dismiss the extraneous and examine those truths that give meaning and purpose to life. If you are curious about Christianity, looking for answers to tough questions or wondering if faith really matters...