Meet the Royals

The Kings and Queens of the Bible

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Jun 03, 2007   To: Jul 15, 2007

The Bibleís royal families are a fascinating bunch! Once you get past the strange-looking names, itís easy to be drawn into these tales of intrigue, betrayal, love, and devotion. These are stories about real people who were fabulous and flawed. In this fun and revealing series, youíll learn a lot about these important figures in the faith, and youíll understand how their lives hold critical lessons for you today. Join Rev. Adam Hamilton as he leads you through these exciting narratives.

The Last King of Israel
  Jul 15, 2007
The Three Child-Kings
  Jul 08, 2007
For Such a Time as This - Esther
  Jul 01, 2007
"Payday, Someday" - Jezebel and Ahab
  Jun 24, 2007
Like Father, Like Son: Rehoboam
  Jun 17, 2007
Finishing Well
  Jun 10, 2007
Defining Moments
  Jun 03, 2007

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