Resurrection Students

6th - 12th Grade

Resurrection Students will create a safe, authentic and inclusive community where everyone belongs and has the opportunity to choose to grow and live out their faith.
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Groups & Weekly Programs

Community Dinner
Wednesdays, 6-6:30pm
Overland Park
Community Meal (Overland Park)
Wednesdays, 6-6:30pm
High School Youth Group
Wednesdays, 8-9:45pm
High School Youth Group (West)
Wednesdays, 7:45pm

Trips, Retreats & Events

Jan 16 |
8:30am |
Leawood, Bldg C
Leawood Student Ministry MLK Serve Day
Jan 16 |
9:00am |
Resurrection West @ 9:00AM
West Student Ministry MLK Serve Day
Jan 29 |
1:00pm |
Snow Creek
Winter Kick Off: Students

Discipleship Groups

Has something in the Bible not made sense to you? Has a friend ever asked you, “what does it mean to be a Christian?” Do you feel like you have more questions than answers when it comes to faith? Have you ever wanted to grow as a leader at church and in your community, but didn’t know where to start? We’re all on this journey of figuring out our faith and how to live it out. We don’t have to do that alone. We can do it with others who are trying to have it make sense. You’re invited to belong, confirm, lead, and commit to what is next in your faith. Come as you are and feel safe, welcome, and real in your faith journey.


Let us help you get connected in Resurrection Student Ministries. Whether it’s being a small group co-leader, supporting special events or helping behind the scenes, Resurrection Students has a place for you!

The first step is to complete the Volunteer Application. You can get started by clicking the button below!

Resurrection Students Worship Band

Music gives us opportunities to express ourselves. Learning, practicing and leading music TOGETHER gives us opportunities to express ourselves as leaders. Wherever you reside along the musical journey, we want to help you use your skill sets to become amazing leaders.

Our worship bands create a community of music and worship and are always looking at innovative ways to lead our students. 

Contact us through the below email if you are interested in being a part of the Resurrection Students Band.

Resurrection Youth Music

Students in 6th – 12th grades can be part of our awesome musical groups: Vocal Effect Youth Choir & Youth Symphony. No auditions are required, and there’s a place for everyone. (Invite your friends – you don’t have to be a Resurrection member to participate.)

Groups rehearse once a week and provide opportunities to make new friends, lead worship monthly, and tour on a fantastic mission trip each summer.


Resurrection Students believes students best grow in faith when parents and the church work together to walk beside students on their journey of faith. Discipleship and growth happens not only in the church but also in the home.

Ways for Parents to Stay Informed

Resurrection Students Weekly Newsletter

Resurrection Students sends out a weekly email on Tuesdays to parents and families with updates on ministry programs and events. To subscribe, select your location then you will see the rezlife newsletter selection.

Parent-Youth Minister Calls/Meetings

The Resurrection Students youth ministers are more than happy to set up meetings/calls with parents to individually discuss any specific parent needs, concerns, or finding the best place to get a student connected. Please directly connect with any of the Resurrection Students staff.

Watch Messages from Our Directors

Megan Delgrosso, Leawood Students Director, shares a message about passing on faith to youth through mentoring.