Women: Building Better Moms


  • A place that meets you right where you’re at as a mom, a woman, and a friend.
  • Learning how to be better equipped as a parent through speakers and discussion.
  • Growing through a supportive network of moms who “get” it — from newborns to teens.
  • Serving not only your family, but also your community through outreach opportunities.

    Imagine...you're here.

Enrollment for the current BBM year, 2014-2015, has concluded. Please place your name on the Interest List so that we are able to keep you informed about registration opportunities for next fall. Registration for the 2015-2016 BBM year will open this Mother's Day weekend.

What is BBM?

Building Better Moms (BBM) strives to build a community of moms who learn, grow, and serve together. BBM members meet together in a larger group setting, but are connected with a small group of moms with whom they share a table at each BBM meeting throughout the year. The BBM calendar follows the school calendar year, beginning in September and concluding in May. The schedule is set to align as much as possible with area school and holiday schedules. BBM meetings run about two hours in length and each group meets approximately twice a month to enjoy food and fellowship, speakers, and group discussion. All groups also participate in mission projects supported by Church of the Resurrection and occasional social events outside of the meeting schedule.



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Journey: Knowing, Loving and Serving God

  • Building Better Moms is one way to be on the Journey to become a deeply committed Christian. Learn more about Our Journey.


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